staying active

Consider exercise you can do indoors

  • Davina McCall is offering 30 days free access to 100+ online classes at Own Your Goals

  • PE with Joe (aimed at children) - free live stream on YouTube at 9am weekdays

  • Many local gyms, yoga studios and social media platforms are now running online classes

  • PopSugar (free workout classes on YouTube including beginner workouts, HIIT and dance workouts)

  • QiGong for lung health with Peter Deadman, an experienced Brighton teacher

  • If you want to sweat with Chris Hemsworth check out his 6 week free trial on Centr

  • Lots of exercise can be done without equipment - weights with food tins, squats, other body weight exercises

Yoga from home

You can go outside for a walk or jog once a day as long as you keep your distance from others (2 metres)!


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